terça-feira, dezembro 21, 2010

Protests, violence and repression in Western Sahara

Relatório da missão da Amnistia Internacional que visitou recentemente El Aiún, capital ocupada do Sahara Ocidental, e Marrocos (texto original em inglês)


"Violent confrontations broke out in the early morning of 8 November 2010 in the desert a few kilometres east of the town of Laayoune, in the Moroccan-administered Western Sahara, when Moroccan security forces sought to forcibly remove people from a tented “protest camp.” The Gdim Izik camp had been set up in early October by Sahrawis protesting against their perceived marginalization and demanding jobs and adequate housing.

The protesters were complaining that, though indigenous to Western Sahara, they are discriminated against by the Moroccan authorities and do not receive a fair share of the wealth and other benefits deriving from the region’s natural resources and land, and that the local authorities have failed to address their socio-economic grievances. [...]

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