terça-feira, março 20, 2012

Poemas de Liu Xiaobo - I

One Morning

To Xia going alone to Tibet

One morning
A morning of yawn and fatigue
I guessed
Between you and the plateau
The sky appeared
Incredibly far-reaching
With no cloud nor wind nor fog
Its transparent blue was particularly confusing

When you were leaving
I was very calm
As soon as your back disappeared
A longing for love grew in the distance
Like the lines on the little palm of a child
Another person was walking
Windingly across my body
To seek a sole word

Words fly without wing
As smell guides the soul
The morning light was uneasily fluttering
There was a slightly strange feeling
Like a new pair of shoes
You prepared for this traveling

The shaken time
Got my dream pregnant but unwed
The jokul of hypoxia
Was greedily sucking
The first smoke you blew out

14 July 1993

WorlWideReading on 20th 2012 - Day of the Political Lie Freedom for Liu Xiaobo
For more information look at www.literatufestival.com

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