quarta-feira, março 21, 2012

Poemas de Liu Xiaobo - II

A Knife Inserted into the World

To my little Xia

You are a knife
A little knife that can never
Hurt anybody
But be inserted into the world
With no blood, nor cut
Just shining
Just being itself
Just leaving a chilling light for the rotten
You have often gone downtown or to banquets
But your heart has always been far away
Your tip’s shine is not dazzling
But always produces
A feeling of sitting in the cloud and overlooking the ants
A hat was lost in the deep valley

Being a knife
Your sole talent
Is feeding your wounds in the shadow
And stretching your legs in between the pages of a book
Thin and bright

Being a knife
Without a scabbard ever
You are confident that your existence
Is a danger
Even if by smiling every day
You will make people embarrassed

Like a bystander beyond the world
Indifferently and leisurely
Amazing sharpness
And amazing perfection
Are all on the opposite edge of the blade

Written in reeducation center

31 March 1997

WorlWideReading on 20th 2012 - Day of the Political Lie Freedom for Liu Xiaobo
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