quinta-feira, março 22, 2012

Poemas de Liu Xiaobo - III

You, the Dead and the Losers

To my wife

You have been wandering among the tombs for whole days
And silently facing
The souls of the dead in wind
The deep gazing
Made one another's blood clot
Those complete losers
Left neither name nor history

At night, your partly drunk glass of wine
Became a heap of fire
Lighting up the limited space
For the dead
They were talking about the lives
You were listening about the sufferings
Both parties were very quiet
Like the hands of the children
While sleeping

At the steeple of the dream
There grew the tender leaves of swollen-stemmed bamboo
Its suicide was always unsuccessful
But you
A woman infatuated with the losers
Have never failed yourself
From the smile of a corpse
You have learnt
That only death
Will never fail.

Walking alone on a rainy night
There was no shadow to talk to
Lies decorated the sunshine
All shiningly decayed
The day is more brutal than the night
Nobody can rescue it

Do not close yourself
Do not let yourself
Alone be jealous of losers’ despair
Open your door
To give a shelter to me, also a loser,
And take me as
A tragic reason for you to live
Let the calm smoke
Rise between you and me

10 September 1998

WorlWideReading on 20th 2012 - Day of the Political Lie Freedom for Liu Xiaobo
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